A few frame grabs from this weekend

Hey Guys, just wanted to post a few frame grabs from this past weekends ride. Thanks to Scott, Shane and the rest of the Stewards of Soquel for keeping the trails in good shape and building this great new overpass/bridge thingy. :thumb:

The new bridge. Uber sturdy with great fall zones:

Me hitting it

Shanedawg giving it a go

Scott about to launch another hit further up the trail before the new bridge.

Shanedawg on the same line

Me boosting it

Shanedawg throwing down on this tricky little rock feature


Dec 15, 2005
San Jose, CA
Ok, after lurking for a long time I finally registered. I was out at the demo this weekend too - so good until the climb back out. The new bridge is good. We hit that one a couple of times.

It doesn't take much of a run it to launch off the tree/roots.

I was planning on skiing and surfing this weekend, but after seeing these pics I just might have to go ride again.


Aug 8, 2003
I recognize the rock feature, and the drop on the steep uphill, but where did that new bridge get built?
Benton, it's on Braille right next to the canoe log ride.

MDJ, yeah, I know what you mean. Climbing back out on a 44lb rig is a lot of work. Thank God for Gu packs and water! I think the sweet line would be to go from the canoe log ride over to the new bridge and then hit the little stump drop/transfer at the end. Nice little 3 hit combo.