A great double today....


Turbo Monkey
Aug 9, 2001
Nevada, 2 hours from Mammoth
Met up with a co-worker by South Upper Truckee (Lake Tahoe area for those uninformed). Took the paved service road up, up, and up to the start of the Rim Trail by Big Meadow. Some riding, lots of hike-a-bike (for me), had a small fall, and somehow lost my Smith Pivlock V2 glasses. Oh well, hope whoever found them puts them to good use. Kept going up until we dropped in to the Round Lake/Dardenelle Lake junction, and continued to Dardenelle. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe it. All this time in Tahoe, and that was my first visit. Back out, and took the downhill back to the cars. Lots of rocks/boulders, so more hike-a-bike for me, but oh, the smile after was well worth all of it.

Get home for a bit of a rest, then out to the inaugural Tahoe Games Bike Night at the South Lake Golf Club (by Meyers). Met up with my stepson, we both register, get our lights set up, and off to the races. Quite a different feeling, riding on grass instead of sand. Very fun, too, as we even used the sand traps as hazards (haha). When it was said and done, he took 2nd in his division (first race for him in years), and I........ won the 50+ group!! Don't know how, as I was still sore, yet it was a great feeling.

Yes, a great double was enjoyed today.....


resident influencer
Sep 21, 2001
lack of pictures is disturbing but rep must be given.