A great ride to end the long weekend on a good note.


Nam I am
Well Narlus came down with a couple of friends and we road . He want to hit some drops so he brought his evil , and he commenced on tearing up the place

And even thought the trails were Snow Covered there were a lot of riders out there .

One of his frinds rolling down the trail.

Narlus going between the trees.

We ran into the 12 Cent crew a couple times , Here Beauster rolling down a wall.

Narlus dropping a rock to flat in the kitchen

One of his friends rolling down a rock.

His other buddy is riding a spine

we ran into 12 cents once again , here is Hard rock

and finally Narlus one last time , with snow flying all over the place.



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Nov 7, 2001
behind the viewfinder
hey splat, thanks for leading us around and not complaining about the glacial pace! and it was good to finally meet you in person.

good times @ nam; haven't been there in over 3 years, and there's definitely some nice additions. it's pretty cool to have drops w/ transitions. what an idea! the new NEMBA loop is very cool too; definitely need to hit that up again.

westy, i think i had a petrified clif bar and plenty of algae in my camelbak tube.


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Jul 10, 2002
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Nice! All I could manage this weekend was a couple stints on the rollers and an urban ride with Tweek. Good to see people out representing in the snow.