a Night ride to Bring in Spring.


Nam I am
Well tonight decided it was time to hit up the lights and do a night rie, it was Me , Berkshire_rider and BadDNA . while we were gettign ready the weather was kind of strange , we go a few snow flurries while the sun was beaming brightly and it was about 40 degrees. so Into the woods we went

. firts Berkshire rider on a rock.

Berkshire_rider on another rock

Berkshire rider on yet anotehr rock ( do we see a trend here ? )

BADdna going up a rock

BADdna With a Full moon behind him. do you notice any thing strange about this Pic ???

Tree got in my way of this pic of BadDNA

and fibnally steve enters the rock vise.

felt good to get out andthe trails were in excellent shape.