A sad day in Pittsburgh!


I give a shirt
Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh
For all who have been in Pittsburgh during football season, you have probably heard his scratchy voice!
He blended a knowledge of the game with an endearing sense of self-deprecating humor, once quipping that his nasal voice "falls upon the public's ears like china crashing from shelves in an earthquake."
he was the creator of the Terrible Towel as well! (all proceeds of which went to charities)


my memories as a kid of his radio call of the game were fantastic. As kids we would sit on the street listening to a transistor radio... we knew when Myron said Yoi... you could bet Mr. Miller across the street was ready to put on a show like the times (yes I said times) Mr. Miller threw his TV through the door and off the porch when he was mad about a play! Myron will be missed by the collective Burgh population!


Turbo Monkey
Oct 17, 2006
A few years ago, my parents were sitting at home and the doorbell rang. They opened the door and Myron Cope was standing there.

He was actually going to their next door neighbor's house, but didn't see the house number.

Double Yoi!