Nam I am
Mr Berkshire_rider is tying the Knot , so we decided to have a Ride and BBQ in his Honor , it would start from my place, and lots of fun would be had .

Well I had to set up teh Stunt course in my front yard first . and I went out there , and this little fella was hanging around .

The first 2 to arrive would be I Are Baboon and Quo Fan , and here is IAB on the bridge work

THe man Of Honor himself , not quite making it around the turn


and Berkshire_rider on the skinny bridge

well into the woods we would now go

Berkshire_rider would start us off on a roller

And our Longest distance guest would Be Mr McGRP

Welcome to Vietnam Tigg

Welcome to Vietnam I Are baboon

and IAB once again trouble

Berkshire rider on the same rocks

I Are baboon , would not land this well. ( there was a lot of crashing going on today )

Quo Fan on a small wall

IF_rider up some skinnny rocks

I are baboon would get seperated from his bike once again

And some blood was shed

Pete Showing the proper way to do it

The baboon would try again ( successfully this time )

Tigg Airing it out a little

Berkshire_rider same place

CrockettJR would not land this well , again I was dodging flying bicycle , Donny had a tough day.

Pete Long Airing it out

IAB got up the nerve and hit it for the first time !

and Finally McGrp entering a Rock garden

And I know Quo_fan and IAB have pics too.

Quo Fan

don't make me kick your ass
I didn't bring my camera, just the video. Unfortunately, the camera isn't playing nice with my computer, so no video yet. I also ran out of tape half way thru the ride, so I didn't get Tigg's endo.

I crashed twice, undocumented, so they didn't happen. :D

I Are Baboon

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Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
Great ride yesterday! I have not gotten that banged up from a ride in a long time. Lack of "A game" leads to lots of soreness and I am feeling it today...pretty much my entire left side hurts. Fortunately the post-ride party numbed me up for a couple of hours.

I'll get my pics up later tonight.


Jan 22, 2006
nam bomber
That looked like a great ride!!! Love to see Mr. Barnes throwin' down some serious style. Damn! Plus massive crashing???? Geez, at least it can be said that I'm not responsible for all of the bloodshed 'round here...



Jul 11, 2007
Damn Im jealous...

I did have a decent crash on the thursday night ride but as quo said it was undocumented so I cant claim it. Apparently my bike did some sweet tricks I just didnt happen to be on it.


Congrats... or condolences for Berkshire... Which ever applies when necessary. :-D
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I Are Baboon

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Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
Here are my pics....

the Man of Honor on an early rock

followed by If_rider

McGRP01 in teh NAM!

Tough little climb here. Tigg nailed with some tree assits.

BadDNA launching the Rented Mule.

followed by QUO

If_rider...not sure what this drop is called but it's an impressive huck.

Donny next.

Donny in the half pipe. This is the one Splat mentioned above that I finally hit for first time. I did it twice then was fried the rest of the ride due to shaking nerves.

I can't tell who this is because of the dark picture. I'm thinking BadDNA?

Last pic. Berkshire_rider.

Excellent ride, and much thanks to If_rider for the post-ride chow and pool!!


Dec 19, 2006
Millis, MA
Hey, I swear I was on this ride! I was just always at the end and not doing anything silly(except riding with a potentially busted rib and riding nam as my first ride in 3+ months).

The lei's were my idea! Courtesy of the Jager girls on Thursday night at the Chicken Bone.

Thanks for the hospitality to Splat and If_Rider. Definitely a Fun day.

This needs to go into a "caption this picture" contest.

Hee Heee Master look at my beeg snake.
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I Are Baboon

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Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
Case Mountain would be much more of an xc-type ride that what Tigg experienced at Vietnam. Let me know when you guys want to come down and we'll get something on the calendar.