a Sunday Ride in the Rain , snow, sleet


Nam I am
SO today the plan was to meet and noon and ride . well I'm going to ride over, and around 11:30 am it s raining and 38 Degrees , a really good combination for Hypotherma, but what the hell you only live once , so I ride over the Rain gets heavier , then lkets up then Mixes with snow , and the Conditions on the trail are snowy but a good grip could be had , so I got over to the meeting point , and there were 8 other lunatics ! so the 9 of us went off into the woods.

Today the silver turtle brought the Big hit, he needed some air time .

so here he is .

BadDNA followed but did not land so Good .

Slapheadmofo was having a good time too, but on this occasion , he would hit a tree after landing .

The rain had stopped a while before , but around now the Snows decidedto move in

as we went through this section we would have our 1 and only mechenical a flat tire , so it wastime to play.

the silver turtle would show us the way to get up this thing

Slappy would have a very cold foot after this one .

and we did work up a thirst, andthe weather kept things cold.

a down hill rock garden always Challenging

off camber , wet slippery rocks made what is usually a nothing somewhat iinteresting , youd find your self closer to that tree then you would have liked

this was a little more tricky then usual today

the turtle just need to feel air beneth his wheels

BADDna rolling

and finally up and over



Dec 27, 2007
Arlington, MA
a down hill rock garden always Challenging

hey its me, dressed all goofy. had a great first time at vietnam today. had 2-3 crashes but i came out in one piece. the beginning of the ride when my fork was locked out(had it locked out on the warmup spin) was not the best idea though, i did catch it early in the ride. recovering with some pizza, oranges and bread, great combo haha. -Doug