a Thursday night ride with a crowd .


Nam I am
Doing my Usual Thursday Night rides , it was a big one tonight , we had 10 riders
Me, IF_rider , Berkshire_rider, SloMoJo, Ben-O , Mike ,Phresh, BADdna , Quo Fan and his Girlfriend.

I think they are all ( except me ) in this picture . it was dark out :) But with 8 HID's out there , when we all looked atthe same hting it was pretty bright!! also BADdna had one of those Trail Tech HID setups , and it looked pretty dam good !

Considering the weather people were perdicting rain all night , it was a great night for riding , and we did not see a drop of rain.

Here is Berkshire_rider



Mike on his Single Speed

IF_rider doing a Rack garden that is partly underwater

And Fianlly Quo Fan doing a creek crossing.


Cool stuff. I was hoping to ride, but attended birthing class instead.