Adventure Race on Eastern Shore of VA


scarred, broken and drunk
Mar 31, 2002
crashing at a trail near you...
Saturday myself and my teamate did the 6 hr TASC and it was quite fun...am considering this race

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# Saturday November 12th Race Start
# 2 stage course (12 hour and 6 hour stages for 18 hours of racing in total)
# Mountain Biking, Paddling, Trekking
# Support crew optional ($25 fee for gear transport by HRAdventure)
# Teams of 2, 3, or 4 people; $200 per team early registration (by Oct 1), $230 per team late registration
# 25-35 miles biking; 10-15 miles trekking; 15-20 miles paddling
# Registration is now open and available here
Race Facts
Gear Check-In
The gear check-in is where we'll review your mandatory gear, collect your "drop box" for the overnight gear, collect your race waivers and forms, and confirm you know the basics of UTM navigation. The gear check-in concludes with a team address where we'll review final information prior to the race start.

The Storm the Eastern Shore gear check-in will take place Saturday morning Nov 12th, from 8 AM - 11 AM. at 11:30 AM the final team address will take place and the race will begin promptly at 12 noon. As always, arriving in plenty of time to the gear check-in is recommended and teams arriving after 11 AM will be penalized 15 minutes for every 1 minute they arrive late. This means that if you show up at 11:06 AM to check in you'll have a 90 minute penalty before the race even starts!

The gear check-in location will be in the town of Cape Charles, Virginia. Specific information regarding parking, lodging, etc will be made available in the September time frame. Race Start
The race start location will be roughly the same as the gear check-in location (Cape Charles, Virginia), and will be announced to team captains in the weeks leading up to the event. The race will start following the team address and the mandatory gear check-in. The race will start at 12 noon on Saturday, Nov 12th. Support Crew
# The Storm course does not use a centeral Transition Area (TA). Teams have a few options: Teams can provide their own support crew to transport and stage all of your own gear at the various TAs throughout the race. Your support crew can be in 1-2 cars. Since the final TA on Saturday Nov 12th will close around 6 PM, your support crew can relax for the 12 hours from 6 PM to 6 AM. With this in mind, we've made arrangements for free primitive camping for support crew; the support crew campsite is not planned to be the same as the racer campsite. Support Crew camping is optional and we'll share some other lodging accomodations shortly (heck, even Virginia Beach is only 30 minutes away).
# Another option teams can consider is rotating a racer through the support crew role. For example, if you are a team of 4 but can't arrange a dedicated support crew, you can alternate a racer through the support crew role meaning 3 of you race while 1 of you functions as support. At a race Transition Area, a different racer can assume the support crew role. Since this kind of arrangement makes for different race strategy, we're treating teams using the Rotating Racer support crew as their own race category for competition purposes.
# Thanks to community feedback, we've added a gear transport feature by HRAdventure where we, the organizers, transport your gear from TA to TA. Don't expect elaborate staging and prep of your gear with this choice! We'll use a moving truck to move your gear and do what we can, of course, but this is a bare-bones transport and not a full substitute support crew. Teams choosing this option must pay an additional $25 to cover the expense, and teams are limited to 2 plastic gear bins (such as this one) per team regardless of team size (not counting bikes and watercraft). Categories & Prizes
Coed teams of 3 and 4 are the official category for prize purposes; final prizes will be determined based on the number of teams in each category (for example, if there's only 1 team of 4, they will be merged into the 3-person category).

There will be a seperate prize category for teams using the Rotating Racer support crew. Race Course And Camping Component
The race course will remain secret until the race starts on Nov 12th, but we can share a few details with you to help in planning your logistics:

The Storm is a race over 24 hours and divided into 2 stages; stage 1 runs from 12 noon Nov 12th to 12 midnight Nov 12th; stage 2 runs from 6 am Nov 13th to 12 noon Nov 13th. Between stage 1 and stage 2, teams will be required to camp at an undisclosed location along the race course (think barrier island). This will be primitive camping and racers will need to provide their own camping supplies; at the gear check-in, teams will provide their own plastic storage container (such as this example) in which to store any gear or supplies. Teams should clearly label their container with their team name and seal the box with tape prior to leaving it with the race staff. The race staff will transport this container for teams to the camping location. The race staff will only stage one box per team. Teams might store a tent, sleeping bags, and a few gallons of water in their storage container -- but the exact contents are up to you and your packing ability.

Plan to negotiate a lot of sand and water, and not just on the paddling leg! The temperatures could be warm or cold at that time of year, so I'd prepare for the entire spectrum of weather. Food During the Camping Component
Southeast Expeditions will be hosting an authentic Eastern Shore cookout during the mandatory rest period; the specific menu will be finalized in October (there will be options for vegetarians!) and teams are welcome to bring their own food, but Southeast Expeditions will have some good vittles for everyone to enjoy. Utensils and other items necessary to enjoy the cookout will also be provided.

For safety purposes, teams are not allowed to bring kerosene camp stoves or similar gear with them. Teams are welcome to use the fire from the Southeast Expeditions cookout, but they may not bring their own grills, stoves, etc. Post Race
Participants are welcome to join us for post-race food and prize drawings. Tentatively scheduled for 12 noon on Sunday Nov. 13th (based on estimated race finish times), this is a good time to catch up with your fellow racers, enjoy some good food, and relax after a memorable adventure racing experience. Watercraft
We're in conversations with a select kayak manufacturer about providing kayaks for each team for the Storm; this would mean teams would NOT need to bring their own watercraft to the race as they would be required to use the race-sponsored kayaks.

We should have a final decision on kayak sponsorship in late August or early September, at which point we'll update racers and this page with the final information. If kayak sponsorship isn't arranged for teams, each team will be responsible for providing their own watercraft (canoe or kayak) and we will have a small number of kayaks and canoes available for teams to rent.


Jul 2, 2001
Hershey, PA
Sounds brutal. Paddling the bay/ocean that time of year can be rough. I'd invest in a wetsuit. Best of luck if you decide to do it.