Air Conditioning/Home Insulation/Phoenix monkeys?


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Feb 21, 2008
Its starting to feel a lot like summer here in Phoenix. Its 104 outside, and working its way towards 90 in the house.

I'm not too bothered by it, the milky white sweat is just fat coming out slowly.

But I'm worried about the dogs. Two of them are 14, the other doesn't have the common sense god gave a golf ball. She'll just go lay outside when its over 100. I think she has grits for brains instead of gray matter.

I've got the AC set to 78. Its just not getting into the back room of the house where the dogs and I hang out during the day. Any suggestions on how to get more cool to the back room so I don't cook the dogs? Is there anything the home owner (I'm a dirty renter) can do to get me more oompf out of the AC system?

I'd rather the dogs didn't stroke out during the summer due to heat. That would suck.


May 22, 2002
Vegas Baby!
I keep mine at 80 all day, and the dogs fine. Can you put a ceiling fan up in the back room or a fan to push the cooler air back there?