Air Shocks

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Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country

I blew up my pushed DHX5 on my 08 DHR on Live Wire at Northstar yesterday and I'm heading up to BC on Thursday... Twice, I was sure I had a flat since I started getting pretty loose in every corner. I then noticed the mess and realized I was riding a pogo stick. The shock came pushed with the frame so I'd rather just start over with a new shock and drop some weight with an air spring.

The only air shock I've ridden for an extended amount of the time is the old Fox 3-way on my 06 Stumpjumper, but I can't really speculate how 4" vs 8" of air sprung travel feels. Someone said the Vivid's don't feel very supple over small bumps (like a 5th element)..? I've heard good things about the Roco's. What would you go with for an 08 DHR?
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not worthy of a Rux.
Jun 22, 2009
The Bos team has been running the new air can on their DH bikes since it's been available. I think they're the only team to continually run the air version for every race - unlike Rockshow riders who seem to use the Vivid only for tracks like pietmaritzburg, if at all.

Seems like a good choice


Turbo Monkey
Feb 9, 2004
South Seattle
I have a Vivid Coil on that bike and it's a good fit. FWIW.
I have a CC DBair on my 6" bike and I'm not sure I'd like it on my DH bike. I like the end stroke rebound on the Vivid that really keeps the bike from ever bucking you on G outs. It feels rad on a bike that pedals though.


Dec 19, 2011
upstate NY
If the vivid coil fits, there's no reason a vector air wouldn't. The vector has more clearance in every dimension that would matter on that frame.


Green with Envy
Sep 21, 2009
Denver, CO
I have a CC DBair on my 6" bike and I'm not sure I'd like it on my DH bike. I like the end stroke rebound on the Vivid that really keeps the bike from ever bucking you on G outs...
Care to elaborate? Does the ending stroke rebound on the Vivid work noticeably different than the HSR on the DBAir?


Turbo Monkey
Feb 25, 2002
Walden Ridge
He may be using the wrong adjustment. G-outs on a DB are controlled by the low speed circuit, not the high speed circuit.

I suggest a DB as well. I have run them on my DH bike for years in the coil version and have had no complaints only accolades. I just recently put a DBair on my S-Works Enduro and so far I have been very impressed as it feels almost identical to the the coil.
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That's interesting, I had a PUSHed DHX 5.0 on my DHR tube and it blew relatively easily, not sure how much usage yours has seen. I replaced my DHX with a CCDB coil and liked the performance/tunability, but had to remove it to make any adjustments.

Due to the progressive nature of the DHR, an air shock would be contraindicated. If you were to run one, you would have to be cool with either A) running the shock somewhat stiffer to maintain mid-stroke but never getting full travel or B) running excess sag, wallowing, and riding low in the travel.

I have heard good things about the Vivid Coil on the DHR tube frame. In my experience, Vivid Airs do feel good, but I'm not a fan of the durability.