almost fatal encounter


Turbo Monkey
Feb 13, 2005
Charlotte, NC
back round of situation,
okay so i'm looking at some aerial pictures of the area around where i live, because someone told me its a good way to find trails. so i see my trails and then i notice a thin black line in a feild about 5 miles north of my house. the trail twisted all around the feild and i looked up the same area as a topo-map, and omigosh, it was all downhill.
well now that i found this downhill singletrack from air, it was time to go find it and ride the hell out of it. so i get my bike and camelbak, and stuff some snacks in my pack and head out the door. well i went down the road that seemed to be adjacent to a feild that was close to the one i was looking for. so i start pushing my bike through the brush and weeds, just thinking about how sweet it will be to get some singletrack back into my system. then i thought, man there must be some riders that live around here if theres singletrack. i happen upon a river and i think okay anything for singletrack. so i push through. i get on the other side and i notice in the map that i'm gonna have to cross through some woods to get there. when i get through the woods i encounter a fence, i thought 'man some riders just don't want any one on their trails', (sometimes i am incredibly ignorant), then while trying to through my bike over the fence, i find out its an electric fence (the hard way), then while i'm sitting on the ground rubbing my hand that just got zapped, i laugh and say, "man, this rider is very protective of his trail!" so after very carefully climbing over the fence, i find the top of the trail and start to go down, it was fun as hell. this trail was freaking awesome, but then i see something move out of the corner of my eye, i was putting my mind on fuguring out what that was so much that i didn't see, that my my front wheel went into a large brown nasty speed bump and slid, my bike went flying about 10 feet and i landed on my back, i get up and dust my self off, and start walking towards my bike.i lift it up and feel as though i'm being watched, then i here something move behind me. i turn around and about 30 feet from me is a the biggest bull i've ever seen, my heart started beating faster than i could think. i tried my hardest to remember any documentary that i've ever seen on discovery channel, and then i yelled out loud, "****, whos' gonna do a show about cows!" the bull looked at me, and i said "oh no, not there's anything wrong with cows, you taste very good between two sesame seed buns." (like i said i'm extremely ignorant sometimes) so the bull and i stood there not moving for about 5 good minutes. so eventually i said "okay if you're gonna trample me, just do it already" i slowly got on the other side of my bike so that it was between the two of us, i chuckled and thought 'oh yeah like thats gonna help' the i thought 'wait i'm still on the trail, i could make it if i got on my bike i could probably out run it.' so i slowly mounted, and the bull jerked its head to the right a little. i'm sitting there trying to get my mind set, and i'm thinking ' this is the ultimate race except there's no pat on the back if you loose. so i turn my bike the direction of the trail, and sprint the fastest sprint i could get out of me. i heard the bull start running after me. i'm screaming like a little girl, thinking how bad of an idea this was. i see the fence that i crossed, in front of me, and i think that the only way to try to get over it is to get a wheelie going and ram it. so about 50 feet from it i get a wheelie going and lean back as far as i can. i hit the fence at about 30 mph. and immediatly get flung back. i spun around and landed on my back again, almost positive that my neck and leg were broken i didn't move, then i here the bull moo a couple times then run off. i sat there and tryed to move my neck, it was fine, then tryed to move my leg and it hurt like crazy. i looked at it and it had a gash across my knee. i looked around for the bull and it was nowhere insight. my bike though was about 20 feet from the fence. so i thought, ' the bike must have flown back and hit the bull.' i started laughing hysterically, and then noticed that the sun was going down so i picked my self up and started home, my lesson that i learned is that animals can definatly run faster than we can ride, and that you can't ram an electric fence with a bike. i have a new appreciation for nature now.


Mar 14, 2005
:D it sounds like a lotta bull

glad to hear your ok.. bulls are not to be messed with.. I once had to hit one on the head with a 2 x 4 to get it to stop chasing my grandpa... (where was the video for that one) it didnt even flinch when i hit him... just stopped for a minute or two


Ociffer Tackleberry
Feb 27, 2002
Blindly running into cactus
that was a great story! sounds like something i'd get myself into.
bulls don't play. i lived on a farm a couple of years ago and learned that, in numbers, bulls are dumb and docile...but get one alone and it can be ugly.