AM Bike Frame - Nukeproof Mega or Transition Covert


Apr 21, 2009
Right now my Blur LT is getting pretty ragged, a few dents and the seat post won't stay up very well anymore, but looking at the Nukeproof Mega or the Transition Covert to replace it. Same basic concept with both, capable AM / Enduro platforms, and both 1500 or less for the frame.

Transferring over for the front will be a 160 Fox 36 for the front to balance out either rear end.

Purpose for the new bike will be more of a down focus than up, but needs to pedal so either will be built to 31lbs or less which was a factor in the frame choice. There have been few reviews on the Mega but it seems like a pretty stout design so far. As for the covert, many good things have been said about it but I have yet to get a leg over one myself.

As an outsider, the Diamondback Mission Pro is in the running as I can get that frame set for about 1400 with a reverb, shock and headset.

Thanks for any input!
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