Am i smoking crack, or was there a thread on Klassen here a few hours ago?

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I saw it in the freeride forum. Check there.

*edit - scratch that - it's gone. Poof.


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Feb 3, 2004
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I might be wrong but I would guess Thrillseeka deleted his own thread because apparently too many people here on this public forum just couldn't stay on his narrow topic. As soon as people started talking about Super T's style, he started threatening to delete. :rolleyes:


Jun 10, 2002
what?! Super T died after attempting a 101ft drop with a 40ft gap?! and he was riding a Karpiel?! was it heat treated?! was it green?! and he was running green DoubleWides?!


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Mar 21, 2004
I hate to start the whole kalssen sucks talk again, but all you haters really shoulda checked out Monster park. He had more style off the drops than about 95% of the otherr riders. He's changed a lot since the 03 Rampage


Oct 11, 2005
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I agree, Super T is sick. Everyone gets all hot and bothered by any new grom who can throw a backflip or tail whip in a Red Bull comp, but I'll always love Wade, Super T, Thomas, and Watson.


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Jul 10, 2002
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Apparently Mr. Thrillseeka thinks it's cool to crap all over Bender while he's laying in a hospital bed, but nobody is allowed to question Klassen's game.


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May 18, 2003
yeah there was a thread here about him but it got deleted since super-t has no style, cant ride and was a one huck wonder.

now that he is dead i am kinda gonna miss the fella.


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Nov 24, 2003
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Wow, where'd this thread come from?
I didn't delete that thread because some were "dissin' on Klassen", hell he's not my little brother or anything! I killed it because morons were replying to the ONE post or reply they happened to take the time to read and it was completely ignorant and stupid.
It was also BECAUSE I dump on Bender(world's best rider, you know) that I killed it because there ARE no riders that EVERYONE will love. Everyone will always like different things, but we apparently can't accept that and feel the need to try to make everyone else share our opinions. I think pro riders already get a little too much credit the way it is, I don't want to see anymore "this guy rules/sucks because..." threads. They're retarded. I just wanted to know if anyone had some 411 on a rider I enjoy watching. He inspires me. Watching people doing 360 road gaps and 40' drops does nothing for me. Like I said in the dead thread, Comps are NOT real-world riding, which is what I love. Klassen was just an example of a rider who can do it all. I didn't ask about Vanderham or Simmons because they are still in films. I didn't say that Klassen was the world's best all-time rider, either, did I???? Geez, I only wanted to know if anyone happened to know if he was shooting for any films. But I couldn't get a "nope, haven't heard anything." Or a "yeah, I heard..."

Oh, and what a surprise...this thread about what happened to that other thread has already turned into another rider bashing. You guys must REALLY be good. I'm not, and I can say that freely...which is why I would like to watch the riders that inspire ME to ride better...

And that thread wasn't 10 minutes old, dingus, it was around for like 3-4 days...That's 3-4 days of stupidity. I was happy to kill it!

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Feb 22, 2005
HOw can you bust on the T. or bender Them dudes was doin 30' drops while the rest of us were still humpin our bar ends. Are there better riders now? Sure, but thats the way the games played. He laid down the precedent and a billlion groms learned how to do it better by watching all there movies. Never hate on the originals. If there was no BB there would've been no stevie, if there was no dead there'd a been no phish, the list goes on and on. Where would dh be without overend. That dude would get schooled by every grom on the mountain, but in his day he was the man. Theres always someone waitin in the wings to steal your thunder. Fame is short lived, it doesn't make it any less deserved.
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