Angel Fire Burner :: 12-hour Endurance Downhill Race :: Sponsored by Red Bull

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Aug 21, 2003
Norcal :/
That was tons of fun.
I got 23 runs in, and heard them say last rider up as I was coming across the line so I was real close to 24.

That fire road was almost the hardest part of the night riding. I didn't hit the World cup course up with lights though, but I'm sure that was even more crazy.

The job CJ Sports timing did was awesome.

If anyone happens to see #46 in a pic, let me know. Thanks


May 2, 2007
Hey Guys,
Thanks for all of the CJ Timing props, we were really impressed with your riding! We are working on formatting for a lap report for you but are getting crushed with the amount of data to present. There were 101 riders/teams participating with a total of 2384 lap records. So far the lap report is looking like 88 pages so we are trying to get a format to squeeze that down a bit but there are some interesting stats.

The race winner Waylon Smith did 30 laps and recorded the 7 fastest laps! Waylons' best was his 21st lap at 22:18 and his other 6 fast ones pushed the next fastest lap racer to 22:37.7 for Dante Harmony on lap 9 followed by Willy Warren turning a 22:38.2 on his 14th lap. Matt Fisher turned a 22:38.9 on lap 24, Joey Schusler 22:42.1 on lap 24, Team Bike Works Albuquerque 22:42.7 on lap 19 (Antonio Gradillas riding), Dan Weinman 22:42.7 on lap 8 and Chris Boice with a 22:43.7 on lap 22.

Waylon led the first two laps but then dropped back to 17th overall on the 3rd lap when he came through with a 30:11 and a rear wheel that was completely destroyed! Waylon hit the pit for a fresh wheel and clawed his way back to the top ultimately passing race leader from lap 3 to 28, Chris Boice, on the 29th lap!

Besides the top pro's we were also seeing great performances from many other riders and were soooo happy to see you all out there! We'll see some of you at Collegiate MTB Nationals in Banner Elk, NC next month and hope to see the rest of you at a ski or snowboard race this winter or back on your bike next summer. Thanks for a great summer of racing!

Cath and John
CJ Sports Timing