Another Clipless Pedal Thread......


Turbo Monkey
Jun 19, 2003
Here's the deal - I want to start doing a bit more trail riding (i.e. less pushing and more pedaling).

I ride platform pedals now and that is not likely to ever change on the real technical stuff, but want to take advantage of clipping in for climbing and general trail riding. I have tried a few different types of clipless pedal with generally bad experiences: The Mallet C's weren't too bad except one side was noticeably harder to get in and out of that the other. I've also used various SPD pedals. I'm currently trying M545's. While I like the fact that you can adjust the release tension, I really don't like the fact that you feel like you are floating all over the place due to the amount of float that these pedals have.

Is there a pedal out there that has:

A) A platform

B) Adjustable float

C) Adjustable release tension



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Oct 20, 2005
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personaly i realy like the crank bros. your releas issues may have been due to cleat set-up the cleats are differnt fro left to right and if you run two of the same cleats you will have one side releas 5 degrees earlyer or later depending on set-up preferances. also check out the aton-lab qwick steps they cost an arm and a leg but i've got plenty of buddies who swear by them.

hit me up if you see me on the trail i'll either be on a silver yeti or a red foes


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Dec 25, 2003
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Some pedals allow a little float change depending on which shoe you put the cleat on. With Time, I think, switching cleats just changes the release angle. I don't know of any mountain pedals that allow you to get rid of float (some float free road cleats can be found.)


Turbo Monkey
Jan 25, 2003
Shimano 646. I like a platform clipless. When I cant clip in, I cant at least use the pedal as a platform.


Aug 19, 2005
I'm surprised that you feel like your getting a lot of float with m545s. I've always though that shimanos were totally locked. Also, just stick with a pair and get used to them. Coming off flats you obviously wont be entirely comfortable right away. Let clips grow on you a little. You might even find yourself switching over to them for DH as well. Once you know how to clip out easily (this comes very quickly and is emtirely second nature after a while), you may find you have more control over the bike while clipped in. Its all personal preference though.