Another FNG


Aug 16, 2011
Aurora, CO
New to the forum, and this is the first post.
I've had a "department store" bike for 6 years. Up until a few months ago, it had cobwebs on it, and about 5 miles of use.
Moved to Colorado last year, and this year, got bit hard by the bug. I've been putting on about 100 miles a month at a minimum. Been learning the bike paths around the area, and finally getting in the dirt with my heavy bike. It's been a good starter bike, but it's wearing out pretty fast. Luckily, a friend from our Jeep club owns a bike shop, and has been helping me keep it in shape.

Pic for giggles:

I will be upgrading to a new mountain bike this winter, and will keep pushing myself further. I'm sure I'll come up with some dumb n00b questions here and there.

And lucky for me, the missus also has taken up riding again. And she is thinking of a new road bike.. I better get some overtime at work...
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