Another Trip to Sutton


Nam I am
Got an email from Berkshire_rider and the Silver Turtle ( dirtrider2) that they were going to Sutton, so I figured I'd join them . we met up and got riding !

Here is Berkshire Rider railing a Natural Rock Berm

Dirtrider2's turn

and Dirtrider2 was riding his New Frame a Big Hit3 so we swaped aout and gave it a try

here Berkshire rider doing a double role on it

Dirtrider showing how to do it with style .

We next was my tuirn to ride his Big Hit3 , yes it is a Couch on wheels .

so He was riding my FSR XC , and he was behind me s o I didn't what happened , but I herd it , over the top the silver turtle went.

well That flip flop left me with out a front brake , sincethe pin on my Brake lecer was now missing. we were trying to make it work with a Wire tie, when Berkshire rider found the pin, we it wouldn't stay in but it fit , so we put a couple of stickers on the brakes and that held the pin in for therest of my ride.

well we got over to Resivour #6 , since this is really all water company property , I was here earlier this year , and this was Full then. here Berkshire rider riding down the rocks into the resvouir.

I went in too, and here saw the markings for the water level, yeah its low!

Berkshire rider coming up a rock

some one else was out there , giving directions

and finally Dirtrider2 , down some nice rock work

here is the GPS track I made of the ride, yup its some tight single track lots of trail in small areas



Aug 20, 2002
Metrowest MA
Yep, just me and Hannah got out for a little exploring - some fun stuff and a little extra challenge since I had my Epic - the RFX has been living at Milford Bike since June (geez, I gotta get down there...). My ability to commit to rides of any length right now is limited while Jake recovers from a blood clot in his leg - he spent the first half of last week in ICU at Tufts in Grafton. So I get out if and when I can!

Hope to hook up with you for a Sutton ride in the future though.