Any Canadian Monkey want to earn some cash?!

Trying to figure out a better alternative to the shuttle, or rental car, gig from Vancouver airport to Whistler.

I figure there's GOT to be someone out there with a pickup with a stretch cab willing to haul three mtn. bikers to Whistler?

$100 each way and we'll even buy your gas for the trip. Easy enough no?

If anyone is interested, and dependable, we fly in Aug. 3rd morning and fly out Aug. 7th evening. So we'd need a 10-ish a.m. pickup in Vancouver airport to Whistler, Aug. 3rd, friday.
Then Whistler to YVR on Aug. 7th, Tuesday, leaving Whistler around 2pm for a 8pm plane ride home.

Any takers? :twitch: :banana:


Oct 27, 2004
i don't have an answer for you, but if you post your question here, you will much improve your chances!