Any good ideas as to extending handlebar length (not height) about 4 to 6 inches in length?

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Sep 28, 2019
I would like to extend my handlebars' width by between 4 to 6 inches to allow some newer components to mount properly. I did find some info online about handlebar extenders called "Pull Tabs", but I can't find them for sale anywhere. I saw them at NewcastleRacingServices dotcom, but I'm not sure if they're still in business, as their blog looks like it was last edited in 2009 and their links don't work from my location in Europe.

I have experimented with several ideas to extend my bars on both left and right, but want to ensure maximum safety is followed. I'd prefer a proven product over making my own, but I am open to any ideas from anyone that has a practical solution.

I am currently running a pair of 'Wald Steel 9" High Rise Handlebars' fitted with a BMX style stabilizer bar on my Offroad Proflex mountain bike. Yes, it's over 27 years old, but it's my favorite bike, and well maintained with a ton of mileage on it! The bike frame, with seat post, and Girvin Flexstem is original.

Bottom Line: I appreciate anybody's help, other than simply recommending replacing my handlebars. My back requires the higher bars, unfortunately..

Thank You!


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Jan 14, 2002
I do not believe there is any safe/proven product for what you are asking.


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Mar 16, 2004
Well either mount that stuff on the top tube or different places on the bars.

If that doesn't work, have you tried hammering sections of broomstick into the bar ends?


Turbo Monkey

you aren't going to find extensions over 20mm long


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Dec 20, 2007
La Plata, Argentina
Many moons ago -when the 640mm Truvativ Hussefelt was considered a "wide handlebar"- I got a friend who owned a lathe to make me solid 30mm grilon inserts. The part going into the handlebar measured 40mm and fit pretty darn tightly. The lock-on grips helped to keep it all together.

Never had an issue with them in 3+ years, and after a while several guys from my crew started asking this guy to make them the same extensions.
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