Any IT/Computer Geeks in Baltimore area?


Ranger LL
Sep 5, 2001
in da shed, mon, in da shed
Brunettes said:
No he wasn't..I bet your drive is a real bitch now :P
Quite correct; I wasn't there and was busy watching my kids @ trying to sell my extra car. How did you know; do I know you? I would be there this Sat but for the fact I'm going bass fishing at a reservoir near me.

My drive is about a half hour to the Owings Mills Metro and it takes a half hour to get to Charles Center from there. Really, not so bad. It took me usually 45 minutes to get to Frederick before due to traffic and now I get to read books for half my commute...something I sorely missed. Now a bad commute is the one I had when I moved to Frederick in 2000...all the way to Tysons and back each day. :mumble:


May 25, 2005
Elkridge, MD
Well, I'm not dt, but I'm in IT. I work at fort Meade. We get out there for lunch sometimes. Do you ride around here, or further up toward fredneck?