Anyone else think its odd that Tim Kaine is so focused on being pro death penalty?

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Apr 20, 2004
Welcome to VA political necessity.

More importantly, has anyone noticed how much of a fairy Kill-more (kilgore) sounds like when he talks?


Jul 2, 2001
Hershey, PA
They're fighting over swing votes. Kaine's ads are in response to Kilgore's that said Kaine was going to abolish the death penalty. All they've been doing is trashing each other back and forth. Hard to tell who's the man for the job when they won't stop talking smack about each other.


Turbo Monkey
Jul 10, 2001
Shut up and ride...
I still laugh at the whiney adds Kaine is running, in regard to his defense of the death penalty. This is what the commercial says: “Jerry Kilgore should apologize to Tim Kaine.”


I swear every time I hear that within the same context of him saying he approves this add is like watching a 10 year old run to mommy and tattle tail…..

…”Mommy, Jerry should apologize to me because he hurty my feelings because he’s told the truth about me, and it makes me look like a poo poo head…..”

Then you here Kaine say, while I personally don’t believe in the death penalty, I will support it, because it is the law”….Ok, can someone explain to me how that works?

….”I don’t believe in kicking your ass, but I will do it because the voices in my head said I have too.”

Or better yet, 11:55pm, sometime in the next year….”Mr. Smith, I’d REALLY like to follow through with the execution of your client, Slick Marrue, the child molester/murderer of 12 6 year olds, but, a stay of execution is the law…..and I will follow the law.”

That whole thing just scares me a bit. It’s not Kilgore’s ad’s that make me think Kaine is an idiot, it his response to how he would handle the death penalty, knowing full well, that he would stay every execution he could. So you see how he can hide his agenda, until its time to show your hand?

Kaine really scares me….