anyone have a 39 mm seatpost collar??


Dec 15, 2007
I have 2006 Scott Nitrous with 34.9 ID seat tube, 2mm wall, so It looks like I need at least a 38.9 mm seatpost clamp. Can't find it anywhere. Retailer can't find one. Called Scott.. Horrible customer service - basically said - "tough luck, the Nitrous is discontinued". What?? The bike was shipped to me new minus the the clamp. now I have a multi-thousand $$$ bike that I can't ride. So long Scott - love your bikes but your U.S. customer service sucks. Fortunately I have a second Nitrous (2005) so I get to pull the clamp off each one and switch back and forth. Not the worst thing in the world but anybody know of an aftermarket solution? thanks, D