Anyone have any info on ChumbaWumba Zulu DH's?


Turbo Monkey
Jan 30, 2002
I know the site has some specs but I was just wondering how much the weight was (frame/floater/shock).

I know Fraser used to have one and used to blow out those old RCR shocks. I'm assuming with today's shocks, it should be better. Although, it looks like any shock that has a resevoir won't fit properly which leads back to Romic...unless you go with a heavy remote resevoir shock.

Just curious I guess...one of those frames I've always wanted. Since I'm not riding this year, I've been e-biking a lot.

edit. This pic makes it look good: http://www.pinkbike.com/modules/photo/?op=view&image=7802


Friendly Neighborhood Pool Boy
Apr 23, 2002
Sand, CA
there's local kid that just picked one up, from one of the guys that works at Diablo. well we just found a HUGE crack on the downtube, still waiting to hear what happens with that, other then that, the bike rides great. he has a 5th coil rear and it works quite well actually. pedaled well too.
the frame ain't light though.