Anyone in SoCal have a set of used single crown forks?


May 6, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Hey all,

I'm desperate to get back to riding again, I haven't had a bike for almost 7 months now. I'm going crazy!!!! I have a GT Ruckus 1.0 hardtail that I haven't been able to build up due to my budget.

But if anyone has a used set of single crown forks w/ around 5-6 inches of travel that they'd be willing to let go for a low price let me know! Shoot, if you have a really nice pair I'd even do some web work for ya, lol, like design/build a small website, design a blog, or whatever. Not sure if anyone needs any web work, but let me know.

Also, I thought I had a crankset, but I don't know what I did with it. So if you have one of those too, let me know.

My goal is to try and build a bike to take up to Fontana till I can afford to get a real DH bike in the early spring.