Anyone know anything about Cal State Monterey Bay?

Feb 14, 2004
Like the stuff they don't put on paper?

Stuff to do, what the people are like, atmosphere...

I've heard it's "snobby in a cute way" (quote from a freind)



Turbo Monkey
Mar 18, 2002
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Dude, if you do the Central Coast, the Cal State system, and have good grades, there's only one real option...Cal Poly SLO.

Where else are you thinking of applying? MB? Chico? SD?


May 21, 2005
Merded, ca
Im a CHICO grad and damn proud of it....CSUMB is in a really nice area, but the locals can be jerks. I think the school has some goofy grad requirements also(forced volunteer service) but SLO is pretty damn cool too. My Brother went there and really liked it.
Feb 14, 2004
I wanna do buisness. (marketing)...

I don't think I could make it into SLO.. I have a 3.00, and 1500 on the SAT (out of the new 2400 total score... I rank in like the top 45% according to the test)

Not all that great, but right now I'm looking @ CSLB, SDSU, CSUMB...

Opinions on cal state long beach?



Carbon Porn Star
Sep 11, 2001
Danbury, CT
w00t for Monterey Bay! Yeah!
Actually, I know less than nothing about the school, but I'm moving there in like a week, so...:)
I really like the Monterey area though, have buddies in Santa Cruz, have spent a TON of time there, a lot of it around Sea Otter, but a bunch of other times too.
So, I dig it, and I guess I'd better, I'm gonna be there for a while...:)



Turbo Monkey
Jul 11, 2004
Its ok if you don't mind fog, I know a couple of people who've gone to school there, and enjoyed it. Most of them lived in Santa Cruz, and commuted. If you are into mountain biking, Santa Cruz, has lots to offer, and The campus is on Ft Ord. Which has a lot of biking.

The school is really still in it's developing stages. It was a military base that shut down, then it converted to a college, so there are lots of old decaying military buildings around the campus.

It's tough to beat the central coast, especially the Mounterey Bay. Its got pretty much everything you need, night life, entertainment, good beaches, good riding, etc. etc. The one thing that is nice about CSUMB when compared to Cal Poly is that you'll be a lot closer to San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, so if you get bored of Monterey, you've got fun places to travel to in a short amount of time.