Anyone know how to extract the Auduio from a DVD - on a Mac?


Mar 4, 2004
New York
I picked up the 2 Burn to Shine DVDs and they are pretty cool, with some good live verions of some songs I like. I'd like to extract the audio & put it on my iPod, in MP3 format.
Anyone know how to do that?
I tried a shareware program - DVDxDVT, and it worked - sort of. It let me pull out the AIFF tracks, which i could then convert to MP3, but the AIFF tracks were strange - the playback rate sped up & slowed down, and there was some clicking & popping. I'd really like a listenable copy.
Any ideas?
If ya can help me out, I'll send you some CDs of the audio!
Thanks in advance.