anyone peep the new rob and big last night?


Turbo Monkey
Sep 23, 2001
Boise, Idaho
Some huge dude drops in on rick thorns ramp on a bmx wrecks then does it on a trails bike into the foam pit. hilarious.

in the end rob hooks all his buds up with some nasty either 26 or 29 in custom pk ripper cruisers thats were pretty dope. anyways ya


Jun 4, 2007
does anyone know what kind of trials bike and cruisers those were i was hoping to see rick thorne do a trials session


Sep 25, 2007
Todd sent me a couple emails, I'll post them up.

If you’ve ever seen the “Rob & Big” TV show on MTV, then you know that Big Black is a very, very big guy. He told us a while ago that he’s really into the whole old-school BMX scene. But his problem was that he couldn’t find a BMX bike that came anywhere close to fitting him. So being the cool guys that we are at SE Bikes, we built him a custom sized PK Ripper Looptail that would fit him like a glove. I went up to Rob’s house & gave it to him a little while ago & they filmed the whole deal for an episode of the “Rob & Big” TV show. I even went to a BMX track & rode with Rob & Big & their whole crew. And man, was it funny watching those guys ride!

Anyways, I’m pretty sure that this stuff will air tonight at 10:30pm ET & PT on MTV. Check it out. And if this segment of the show doesn’t air on the show tonight, then I’m almost positive that it’ll air next Tuesday night.

Click here for more info & other air times & to check out the show in case you don’t have cable:


Click the photo & check out the guys getting ready up on the gate. Riders ready? Watch the lights!
<<Rob & Big at the BMX Track.JPG>>

If you saw the &#8220;Rob & Big&#8221; show on MTV last night, then you were sure to see the huge PK Ripper Looptails that we made for Rob & Big & their crew. Were you wondering just how BIG those bikes were? These were gigantic PK Rippers built up with 29&#8221; wheels. That&#8217;s right; we made some custom 29&#8221; wheeled PK Ripper Looptails! These are the first 29&#8221; BMX bikes to have ever been made. And the guys rode the heck out of them!

The segment that was filmed at the BMX track didn&#8217;t make it past the cutting room floor. But they did show the guys riding around in the front of Rob&#8217;s house. I have attached some photos from that day for your viewing pleasure. Take note that we didn&#8217;t just make one bike; we made four bikes for all of the guys on the show. And after the filming, we left the bikes there in Rob&#8217;s garage. So if you live anywhere near Los Angeles, be on the lookout for Rob & Big & the guys cruisin&#8217; around Hollywood Blvd. on their very own 29&#8221; PK Ripper Looptails.



Sep 6, 2005
North Carolina
Fatbmx.com is saying the track scene was cut because Big Black left in an ambulance after the race with Rob. Something to do with his defribulator in his heart.