Anyone riding the Marzocchi All Mountain 1?


Turbo Monkey
Jun 5, 2005
So I worked out today that the reason my Z1 isn't riding so well is that I've effectively nuked the internal dampening. Debating what to do next.

Anyone riding a AM1? Anyone riding it on a Specialized Enduro?

Tell me a story.


Apr 23, 2004
Nanaimo, BC
I've got one on my DOC. I used to have a 20mm dj1 on there.

Things I like:
-Really adjustable.. maybe even too much. You can lock it down, up, anywhere in between, adjust overall travel by an from 130mm to 150mm externally. It also has external rebound, compression, and air preload. This is nice.. but you have to decide if you want to pay for it, since alot of it isnt really neccesary
-It's nice and light compared to my old fork
-It feels way better than the dj1 on the trails
-Despite it's weight, it feels fairly solidly built. I'm not too afraid to go dirt jumping or anything... it definately doesnt limit what im willing to try
-The color

Things I dont like:
-I think qr is a bit too flexy. I have a bolt on wheel and it still bothers me a bit.
-The two knobs sticking out from the bottom of the dropouts are too long. I ripped the rebound one off my dj1 before, and this has twice the possibilites for that
-The machined out holes in the crown kind of scare me. I've had no troubles yet, but they dont really incpire confidence.
-The color

Overall It's a good lightweight, yet strong fork with way too many adjustments. If you like playing with your suspension and can find a decent deal on it its worth getting.