Anyone with a DVO Topaz and a Vernier caliper?


¡Mira, una ardilla!
Hey fellas, I need volume spacers for a DVO Topaz, and they're unobtainable down here. Since I have a 3D printer I figured out if someone could measure one I could replicate them for essentially nothing, and a lot faster than if they were shipped from the Northern hemisphere.

Could someone please grab one and measure its diameter, height and width?

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Turbo Monkey
Oct 12, 2001
Here you go. Outside diameter is roughly 44mm. Measured several of them. They are split though, so there is obvious wiggle room, but 44 seemed like the spot. Other dimensions are 1.2mm and 6mm. Pics attached.



¡Mira, una ardilla!
or time to order a sheet of 1.2mm thick teflon and cut it into strips....
yeah, I previously did this with a tupperware lid, but a) I got tired of those damn bands shooting across the room when I open the air can, and b) I didn't know how tall the bands were supposed to be...

How did that work out?
I printed 8 bands but then I got into a lot of other stuff. With some luck this next weekend we won't have any rain and I'll be able to find the time to fine-tune the shock.