Apple's version of PowerPoint?


Turbo Monkey
May 11, 2002
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all the time. makes pretty presentations really quickly. and has very intuitive element alignment tools that make putting together a slide very quickly...

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Feb 26, 2003
Or you could always...


I have the entire Office suite for Mac, and it's WAY nice, I love it actually. Nice thing about using the Office suite is that it's fairly transferrable cross-platform so if you have a Mac at home and PC's at school/work you're all set. For me, all my clients work on Windows and send me content in Word or Excel all the time, so it's a necessity. If you're looking for free though, then maybe not, but I think I only paid around $150 for the "Student/Teacher" version - all four apps. I bought it from an Apple retail store that knew FULL WELL I wasn't a student or a teacher, and they just said I didn't need to register it.


Mar 4, 2004
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TN said:
thanks that is just what i was looking for.
ever used it?
I use it plenty, and it just blows PP away. But there's a caveat. 99.91% of the world uses PP, and while KeyNote can export to a PP format, you can end up losing quite a bit in the process. If I know that my final product will end up having to be shown via PP (especially if it's PP on Windoze), I'll just make it in PP from scratch.