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Oct 10, 2011
**Application Deadline - Dec 31, 2014**


Many of you want to be part of an amazing community of women who mountain bike. A community of women to train and race with. This atmosphere of encouragement and support produces results and is, lets be honest, a ton of fun! That’s why for 2015 we listened and have rebuilt the race team from the ground up. In our previous installment – You Spoke, We Listened – we touched on what this will mean to you as a team member. Well the wait is over ladies, the details are below!

Team Building Days
We are having our first ever team building camp in Sedona this spring. Join us for some early season training to get you ready for your events! Once we are in the swing of things, we’ll have another tune-up team session in Whistler.
Aside from these team building camps, there will be team specific or general group rides happening to participate in.

Great Sponsors

As part of the Muddbunnies Race Team you have access to bike components, gear, accessories and travel at smoking rates.
For 2015 we are proud to be “friends” with the following line up:

Different Bikes
Big Mountain Bike Adventures
Petal Power
Ryders Eyewear
Ozmosis Training

Be kind to the “friends of the Bunnies” and they will be kind to you!

Pre-Season Goal Building
Get stoked and into the race spirit with one 1/2 hour consult with the Team Coach, Jaclyn Delacroix from Ozmosis Training.

Access to deeply discounted training plans from Ozmosis Training (to get you physically and mentally ready for the challenges of racing)

You want to be coached by someone that understands your goals and can help you get the best results. Regardless of your chosen discipline: Multi day adventure, DH, Enduro or XC, Jaclyn has the experience you need to be in top form on race day.
You have the option of group fitness, 1 on 1 personal training or what we recommend, which is a comprehensive monthly training plan.

Why a monthly training plan?

-Your location is no issue
-Interactive spreadsheet to track your progress
-Daily activity schedule
-Strength training program
-1 hour of 1on1 personal training
-Weekly email “check-in”
-Email assistance as required
Monthly training plans are optional and start at $120 and group fitness is 2 for 1.

Personalized team member profile to help with your current and future racing goals

It doesn’t matter if you only plan to race for one year or want to make racing your future, it’s important to have a professional looking profile. This is what future sponsors will want to see and it’s just another way to show you that we are taking this seriously (in a fun way of course). An athlete profile will grow with you over time, the more you race and volunteer and contribute to the community the larger it will grow. We want to enable you to be able to promote yourself!
Professional quality photos, including casual and “in action” to help with your future race profile (location may be prohibitive but we will do our best)
We have our very own budding Team Photographer Gina Hopper! Gina loves photography and bikes, so it made sense for her to come on board as our very own photographer. We will set up a number of “photography specific” rides throughout the year to give as many Bunnies as possible the chance to get quality photographs.

The Official Muddbunnies Race Team Bike Shop

On top of all this we have an amazing shop sponsor through Different Bikes in North Vancouver. DB has been a Bunnie supporter for a number of years now so it was no surprise to us when they stepped up and have offered to help support our team in as many ways as possible. Duncan and his team at DB will always go above and beyond to make sure that every Bunnie has everything she needs, pre race tune-ups, new kit at a killer deal, maybe just a friendly piece of advice. On top of this they have offered to extend their Muddbunnies race team deals to any member of the team, no matter what part of the world you are in, it’s only a small shipping fee away.

The Team Kit
For 2015, to be part of the race team there will be a $100 fee. This fee will include the above perks as well as one team kit. The team kit includes one jersey (short or long sleeve), a 1/2hr consult with Team Coach Jaclyn about your season goals and how to achieve them, as well as a gift for your ride. Additional jerseys can be purchased at cost. Once we have received your application you will receive a Paypal invoice for the $100. This amount will be fully refundable minus the Paypal fee if you are unable to meet the race team requirements.

Still More?

We are still working to bring you more deals and more support. Above is everything we have secured for you already, stay tuned, we are still working on a couple more surprises to add to the list.

So how do I apply?

By simply filling out the online application now live
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