Aptos Riders: Sand Point Morning Rides?


Sep 9, 2005
Aptos, CA
I just wanted to see if there were any Santa Cruz/Aptos/Wattsonville riders that would be down to riding up Nisene Marks to Sand Point a few times a week...all my riding buddies have bought heavy downhill bikes (you know who you are, jobbies) and I have to ride hills by myself. I live by cabrillo and ride a 5 Spot...I like to ride the Cabrillo Loop into Nisene and then take the fire road up to Sand Point, or at the least up to the epicenter rest. Let me know...I have class at 12:30 each day, so I need to make it back to cabrillo by 11am to make class. If there are any ridemonkeys out there who would be down to do an early morning push once or twice a week, lets hear it! :thumb: