Arrow DHX vs Trailpimps


Apr 21, 2005
Raleigh, NC
I'm looking to make my wheelset pretty close to bombproof. These stair gaps and hard, flat landings are starting to take their tole on my alex supras, and I was just wondering which set of rims would be better. In a market where everybody claims they've got the best product its kinda hard to sort out the truth from the bullsh*t. Your help would be greatly appreciated...


Turbo Monkey
Aug 13, 2005
either deemax, or 823s from mavic, or sun mtx, or the new DT swiss fr2350 coming out soon the pros have been riding them for a while they are the cool red ones from DT and i garenty that these rims are as close to undestructable as possible


Aug 2, 2005
I personally would go Arrow if I were you. It seems as though you realize that weight is going to increase running those rims. Therefore, Mavic discussions seem to be pointless. I have an Arrow on my rear and Trailpimp on the front of my bike right now. Both have treated me well. However, I have three seasons on my Arrow and the thing is still true. I even folded the sidewall at N* two years ago and straightened the rim with a crescent wrench...no truing necessary. The Arrows are absolutely bulletproof imo. They are worth the weight if you want a bombproof wheel.


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Feb 1, 2002
trail pimps are made of soft metal, between those 2 I would get the arrows. mavic 729's are also strong and weigh quite a bit less .5 lb or so and are what I ride.


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Jul 11, 2004
I've seen really good results with both the trail pimp, and the arrow's. I have a friend that built up his own trail pimp. He forgot to re-tension the front wheel after a couple of days of riding and most of the spokes came loose. He did a pretty good sized drop (on a hardtail too) and nothing happened to the rim loose spokes and all! I also have seen another buddy ride an Arrow DHX for like 3 seasons and I witnessed him case countless times at the trails, hit huge stair gaps, etc. etc. and he swears he never even trued his rim, he go to his grave claiming Arrow rims are the best.

Either is a great choice IMO


Mar 31, 2004
Broomfield, CO
I have either a DHR or a trailpimp on the front of my bike right now. They are fairly similiar, so I believe that I can comment on it. I do not like it in the least bit. It is kind of narrow, and has started to seperate at the seam. It also will not hold the bead on the tire, so I have to deflate and remount every now and then to make sure it does not roll off.

I would look at either the Arrow DHX or the Sun Ringle Doubletracks. A friend of mine rides doubletracks, and he and bike weigh about 300 together and he has dropped off things that are pretty large. They have held up well so far with no flat spots and are still in true.

Of course I have to throw in the, its not the wheel, its who builds it clause, because you will get that at some point.

Mr Tiles

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Nov 10, 2003
L-town ya'll
I ran trail pimps for a long time. Never had any problems. Wanted something lighter for my urban bike so I laced up a set of Arrow FRX's. That is the only rim I run now on both my urban and trail bike. They are lighter than the atom labs and I haven't had to touch any of the wheels since I built them.


Turbo Monkey
Jun 20, 2005
a-town biatches
no brainer man. have you ever seen a wheel explode and the rim make contact with the hub. well if you havent then get the trail pimps. if you have never seen a hub blow up then get the trail pimps. i was deciding between the trail pimps or the 823. those were both of the reasons some of the monkeys gave me to not get the trail pimps. so needless to say im running 823 and there still perfect. :thumb:

ohh but back on topic i say the arrow's problem solved no more questions.


Nov 28, 2003
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i vote for the arrow. i've got a 24" dhx on my bighit and it's been great so far.i;m pretty careless lifting teh rear when plowing into rock gardens and such so the rim takes quite a bit of beating. i weigh 260lbs and yet to dent or bring them out or true. only possible downside of them could be the weld on the rim is burly and you'll have to compensate for that if you ever have to true em. that and i geuss you could say the weight and price, but you could say that of any good bomber rim. i don't notice the weight penalty much over my old singletracks. also slightly smaller bead height for a bit easier job putting on tires that are tight, like race sized ones.

overheard e-speculation on other options(none of this based on personal experience):

trailpimps: soft metal, spokes tear through the rim, tanks and don't have enough strength to warrent the weight

mavic: disc specific rims are kinda shallow and flatspot easily

sun doubleTRACKS, mag30s: pain in the ass to get tires off, if you flat alot or switch tires, but this would probably be a good thing to if you roll tires off the rim alot.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 21, 2004
Falls Church, VA
Arrow is my pick.

I've been running a pair of the FRX rims since June and the mechanic that built my wheels did a really great job. I got the wheels retensioned after about 5 hours of riding time(after they were built) and I haven't had to touch them since.