arrow racing prime bite 2.7 single or 2ply?

looking for a good freeride/dh tire for next season, I'm running arrow racing dhx 24'' rims on Industry9 hubs,spokes. I ride the freeride/downhill trails in the dry/rocky boulder colorado area, looking into prime bite 2.7'' , i'll use stans to keep the rotational wieght down, but if i use the single ply it will be super light, just not that enthused about the loss of protection, what do you think?


Turbo Monkey
Jan 25, 2003
My buddy ran the older BITE version singleply for one day. Yes, one day and the sidewall ripped. BUT the new Prime Bite 24" singleply is a little heavier than the old one. The older one was in the 800 gram range and the new version is 1030. The new one might work.

Arrow's singleply are NOT like most single ply tires. They are a little heavier duty. Give it a try and report back to us.