Att: 951 area monkeys?

Feb 14, 2004
Thinking about a skyline jump area. Right before the concrete thingy would be perfect for some jumps. I'm thinking this saturday (short notice I know)... if we can get another 2 or so people to come out and dig (or help run water back and forth) that'd be great.



Turbo Monkey
Aug 15, 2004
Los Angeles
Dave come on now. It's gotta be 1000000 degress out in the 909. You'll need more than a water boy to get the dirt moist enough for building. Hell you'd need a full on water truck.

Here's a better idea for ya. Sunday morning you wake up at 6:30am. Get in your monster truck, high tail it down to SD and join as for some fun rides. It's all friendly like....no bets. Your arch nemisus will be there, but it's cool I got Kryptonite to slow down any battle between you two.

Seriously, come on down and join the fun.


Fear my banana
Apr 5, 2004
So Cal
Yeah man, digging season is in tyhe winter when it rains. Come down to SD and ride. I promise we won't call you Spicoli too much.