Mar 5, 2004
Melrose MA
Im trying to get a "Boys MTB Weekend" together with some of my boys and Im thinking of going up to Attitash. Ive only been on trips up to Mt Snow, so I dont really know the terrain out there too well. How is the lift serviced DH on the mountain? I know theres an assload of XC trails up there, but know nothing of the lift stuff. If we do go the DH route, we will likely rent some DH rigs and not put our XC bikes through the ringer. Would it be worth it to rent some DH bikes and stay on the hill or just bring up or XC bikes and ride the trail network out there?


Aug 20, 2002
Northampton, MA
Well I rode the lifts at Attitash today. All in all I was pretty satisfied. Somebody's been doing quite a bit of trailwork and there's a good network going, perhaps 9-10 trails (I didn't ride them all just yet.) Lift ride is about 5 minutes and runs of 5-10 minutes. The trails are very New England, quite technical with a good helping of steep rocky/loose bits. There's also a number of drops and whatnot built in and around the trails. They're vaguely similar in style to the course at the June Ragged race last year; except with fewer rocks and less stupid fall-line stuff. Needless to say I couldn't pass up the $99 season pass (I'm sort of local) and think it will be a fun summer. The mountain itself and infrastructure (lifts, access roads, etc.) are very good, and the trails are pretty good. With some better trail design and more work it could be a great mountain. Personally I'm a fan of flowy trails that alternate steep and technical sections.

My biggest criticism is that some of the trails are pretty choppy and too tight for my liking. We'll see how things shape up as the season rolls on. I talked to the guy in charge of trailbuilding and he certainly has a vision for the place; they're just trying to kickstart mtb'ing there now. If you're within range, I'd definitely give it a shot.