For Sale Avid Code disc brakes ('07) F/R

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    These are 2007 Code's that came off my Sunday. They have the tool free reach adjust on the lever. Neither of the levers have ever been bent. s-l400.jpg The levers were rebuilt at the Windham World Cup in 2013 or '14 at the Sram/avid /RS tent (one of those years the WC wasn't @ Windham). The hoses were replaced in the spring of 2015 (@$25ea) and re-bled. The pads (organic/quiet ones) are almost new with 80%+ left. The front brake hose is long enough to fit on any 8" travel fork no problem. My bar was 800mm wide and there's hose left over. The rear hose measures 52 1/2 " (1285mm). There's a tool-free, very easy to turn lever adjust knob on the front of the brake lever. The lever clamp comes off so you don't have to remove the grips. The brakes are 100% working and include- *New hoses ($25 each) *Relatively new Organic pads ($15+each) *Mounting hardware *Fresh bleeds
    $75 obo

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