Avoid UPS if at all possible


Oct 24, 2005
New Yawk
Fedex isn't much better, at least they leave messages on your door (without ringing the doorbell, but that's besides the point).

Had a wheel built and overnighted for the weekend at an additional fee of ~$90 total.
On truck for delivery today by 3PM (had it shipped to a business just to be sure someone was around).
nothing at 5PM when office closed.
stuck around since it's guaranteed to be delivered.....

8PM there is a status update:
The apartment number is missing or is incorrect. UPS is attempting to obtain this information. / Delivery rescheduled.

Meanwhile, I confirmed the address was identical to a package another UPS jerk delivered earlier in the day.
So now, my property is sitting on a truck 1 mile away in their warehouse...and I have no recourse, but I can wait until monday. If i contact the shipper, they can initiate a formal complaint and try to get a refund...so in essence, UPS horribly inconvenienced me, and wants to inconvenience me further.

I hate them so much; wheel was ready to go as promised...UPS is paid well to carry it from point A to point B and can't even do that correctly without resorting to lying about it.

avoid them whenever possible. pay more for usps shipping if you need to, but absolutely avoid UPS.

-end rant

In light of this, i definitely recommend http://www.universalcycles.com/ for any parts. They did exactly what they promised they would, and were very helpful before shipping it out on time.
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May 24, 2007
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They lost my buddies bike when we shipped them out to Woodward in Pennsylvania. I can't believe we saved enough cash for camp and the flight from Portland when we were 16, and he got majorly screwed by UPS! The bright side was that Nate Wessel let him ride his personal bike for most of the week.
Worst part was that once he was FINALLY going to get a refund for his bike about four weeks later, a fvcked up box showed up with his jenky ass DK SOB.
Yeah, UPS sucks.

Oh yeah, and he still had to pay the shipping after all that


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Feb 17, 2002
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There are very few parts of the UPS delivery system that is not staffed by a person who gets his or her ass kicked just for showing up. The teamster's who work for UPS move the world... Commerce happens because of UPS. Simple fact most fail to realize...
Anecdotal stories of shipments gone missing are worthless. In this case, it sounds as though your supplier failed to provide a complete address.


UPS, FedEx and USPS deliver shipments very reliably. There will necessarily be fvck-ups. This time it was your turn.
Then imagine what's like to have UPS ship overseas. The least of the nuisances is the fact they will always force your shipment into customs, which results in a 27% surcharge (over the cost of the purchase + shipping) and no less than a long week of extra waiting.

USPS has been the fastest and cheapest so far.
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Aug 6, 2007
I have everything shipped USPS, but I never need things quicker than 2-3 days out. When stuff comes air express from out of country, I know that they'll try and drop it (at 2 pm on a weekday), no one will be there, and I'll need to drive to work the next day so I can go pick the package up. Cost of doing business with companies that aren't located in your immediate area.