Aw crap! what am I doing wrong?


Turbo Monkey
Jun 20, 2005
the mid-west armpit!
Ok, I know I am going to take some crap for this but everytime I try to download a pic, I get that annoying little box with an "x" in the center of it instead of my pic. Here is what I am doing
1.R. click the pic then click properties
2.highlight url and R. click and copy
3.copy url

Whats the deal? my pics won't come up! HELP! HELP! HELP!
But please, along with your help, be kind!


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
Good; now put the img tags around it. Click on the icon with the mountains and the sun in the post window, then paste that in, then click ok. Then that will make the picture show up, as a picture, not a link (after you submit your post).

Or, In photobucket, there are 3 links under each picture. Highlight copy the last one, that says img, then paste it here. Img is for forums and boards. Pasting that here will give the same product as the first method. Photobucket just provides the links with different tags/ ways.