Banshee Bikes: Gravity Reigns in 2010


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Jun 26, 2009

Banshee Bikes have made their way from the gutter of huckster-dom into the spotlight of lightweight DH and ruthless cornering bikes. Here is a short presentation of their Rampant, Legend, Amp and Scythe lines.

We are excited to have met up with Banshee today to talk about their bikes for 2011, which have largely stayed the same for next year, apart from the colors. As of January, the Rampant will be a banana yellow, the Amp and off-white, and the Scythe a grayish color. The Legend will stay pretty much the same, after an extremely successful race season and numerous ProGRT podiums.

Checking out the Legend MKII. It's quite cool.

One of the major advantages to the Legend is it's extremely low and compact center of gravity.

The Legend MKII was bar none the shiniest bike we saw all day.

The Rampant is the perfect slopestyle/dirt jump/dual slalom short travel fully.

The Amp is very similar to the Rampant, but lacks the rear travel and is extremely light.

The Banshee Scythe fits into the category of "freeriding", as enigmatic as that may seem.

Things are going down at the Banshee booth!!