BB hight, top tubes, bar hight, and yur lower back?


Sep 24, 2016
Hi my name is Andre !
I'm 27 yrs old n I've been ridin bmx for about 15 yrs and want to ride...
I've been plagued with lower back problems which prevented me go on long periods of time on my bike. I ride bmx for fun and a fixx for tranportation. My back problems started around when was 18 and on and off since... Majority of the bike frames were11.8bb but once I was given a frame with 11.5 I rode it thinking I could ride it but only to find out I was NOT capable of RIDIN THE FRAME NO LONGER?!? From this frame I grew tightness or strain in my lower back to the point my spine felt as if shift in and out of place and painfully taking my breath away!?!? I've rested I change the frame back to 11.8 n back to 11.5 n the pain came back and gave up on the 11.5 bb frame

So from that experience I've bought 2 frames with 20.75 to 21", 11.8bb and riding on and off just enuff to a satisfying and tired days of BMX and growing older...
In 2014 my bike stolen from terrible accident at the age 26 with no job and just time to heal and think of a new bmx to start over
I was given a stock frame from a complete that measured out to literally 20" and rode it fine was little "crampness" then was blessed with a 20.8" 11.5bb and 9.25 bars and felt like a dream and would be out riding past midnite with NO back pain!!! Then said frame had gotten destroyed... Later to replace it with whatever could be thrown my way to ride n still no sort of income. An older rider offered one for 60$ but measured out 21.25" that was a prototype and this frame had bb 11.5 and 14" rear end (listed online geometry) and rode it with a harder pedal and a sluggish street bunny hop but th 21.25 and 11.5 bb reach was FITTING very well for dirt and park and a "limo" feel. Since then I was employed ready to buy a more of current street/park geometry. I chose to buy a 21", 11.75bb, 13.25rear end then riding til dented and bent and customizing the reared to 13". As of now the 21.25 "prototype" was given to my taller younger cousin says it's amazing feel. My current setup at the age of 27 and 5'10" is 21" 11.6bb and 13.25 with 9.5 bars after so many frames in my bmx "journey" and workin full time "construction" I want best setup for what ever is left of my bmx "journey"
To this day I'm having my lower back "Pain" coming back!! It's the same brand of bike of the started back problems

After surfin the net for options ??
- lower bb and lower bar height?
- "Chicago" my bars for longer reach?
- short offset to a longer offset forks for a longer feel?
-11.75 to a11.6 difference?

So now my set up is as is and if changed I'll like to "get used to it" and leave it I ask and not wanting to buy new frame any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated!



Turbo Monkey
Nov 17, 2006
Time to start doing physical therapy, yoga, etc. And consider riding bigger wheels--not that you have to, just that there's only so tall your 20" setup can be (10" bars, spacers, top load stem), where it starts to wack out the geometry, and it makes more sense to have a proportionally bigger bike.

20" and 22" wheels:

20" and 22":

24" and 22"


Nov 21, 2015
Not your bike that causes the back pain, look at your lifestyle. Diet, exercise, etc. I say that having a herniated L4/L5 & fused C5/C6.