BC Bike Race Day One

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Surrounded by a country celebrating its birthday, the winners of the opening day at the BC Bike Race started their seven-day journey through BC singletrack. Enjoy the article and weigh in on the epic ride!

    Words by Harlan Price
    Photos by Dave Silver, Margus Riga and Todd Weselake
    Courtesy of Bike Magazine

    Barry Wicks, and Wendy Simms (Kona Bikes) won the opening stages of the 2012 BC Bike race in very different fashions. Simms came across the line without a close competitor while Wicks was forced into a three-man sprint against Neil Kindree (Specialized/ EMD Serono) and last year?s winner Chris Sheppard (Rocky Mountain Bikes).

    Stage one BCBR
    On Canada?s birthday, the Cumberland Marching Band and a Helicopter from the Canadian Air Force Base at Comox arrived before the start to pump up the racers and give them an idea of how much the community supports this annual traveling circus.

    For the full article and all the photos, head here on Bikemag.

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