BC Bike Race Welcomes Unicyclist Kris Holm


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Jun 26, 2009
BC Bike Race Welcomes Unicyclist Kris Holm to the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience” 2010
BC Bike Race is proud to announce that mountain unicyclist Kris Holm will participate in this year’s event.

Kris is considered the best-known and one of the most experienced mountain unicyclist in history. Highlights from a 23 year riding career spanning 14 countries and include riding the Great Wall of China, ancient trade routes in Bhutan, and the first unicycle descent of a Bolivian Volcano. Kris was also the first rider to bring mountain unicycling to the mainstream, through film, television, and magazine features.

“I'm stoked about the BCBR - this race is like a summer's worth of great riding packed into a single week!” said Kris Holm when asked his thoughts on the event’s start, just four weeks from today. This from a man who "is featured in the 2007 Ripley’s Believe It or Not! book, and has previously been featured on the Ripley’s television show, in a 2001 Ripley’s book and in Ripley’s cartoon.”

The BC Bike Race is a seven day mountain bike adventure, from Vancouver to Whistler, and it can be ridden as a team of 2, 3, 4 or 5, or as a Solo. It comes in two packages; the 'Epic'- avg 60km per day or 'Challenge' - avg 30km per day. The event has hosted World Champions, Olympians and this year boasts a field of 500 mountain bike enthusiasts who all want to live the 'Ultimate Singletrack Experience'.

"When considering how people may view the BC Bike Race, hard or difficult, it is with great pleasure that we can host an icon like Kris who is used to doing things that are different and difficult. Kris is one amazing athlete and an inspiration to us all, he will make it look easy, but it is his sense of challenge that speaks to our clientele who are all here to push themselves, as teams and individuals", said Andreas Hestler, Marketing Director.

The BC Bike Race is excited to have Kris participate; originally Kris considered the Epic -60km per day, but upon reflection and with a little training under his belt Kris felt that the still impressive Challenge course -30km per day would be plenty of singletrack and still leave him with enough energy to enjoy the full BC Bike Race experience, on and off the his unicycle. Kris still reserves the right to change his mind.

BC Bike Race is currently at 98% sold out and runs from June 26 - July 3rd, 2010. Registration for 2011 will open July 4th

To follow Kris’s adventures at BC Bike Race ‘in the news’ at www.bcbikerace.com

For more information of Kris Holm: http://www.krisholm.com/khu/about
For more information on BC Bike Race: www.bcbikerace.com