Bend Bike rodeo goes off -pix-


Apr 15, 2005
The Bend Bike Rodeo was a flippin success!! A back flippin success that is!
After long days of preparation for the event and building of the venue, Saturday arrived with crystal clear skies over Bend, OR. Mt. Dew and Amp energy drinks kept everyone hydrated and caffeinated in the 98 degree heat, Bend Memorial Clinic patched up the wounded riders and numerous other sponsors helped make this event a success. Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed time and money for this event. Big thanks to Josh and Scott for their help on the kids stunt course, you guys rock! Another thanks to Eric from EFR for his construction efforts.

As the sun set behind the cascade range the riders were just getting primed for competetion on the monster booters. 13 riders set out for fame and fortune in two classes, bmx and mtb in front of nearly 1000 spectators. Eric Porter and Kirt Vorheis judged the aerial display from atop the Pepsi trailer.

Our boys represented very well. The bag of tricks was emptied and all feet hands and anything else that could be thrown off the bike were. Chris Jordan called out his backflip from the top of the roll in for his girlfriend and then nailed it. The crowd went crazy! At that point anything less then a backflip was no better then second place. As if his place in the standings was not secure he got up and nailed another backflip perfectly.

Rex Carillo finished second with a strong aerial performance, and Jon Young tied for third with Dusty. All athletes gave great performances and wowed the crowd with grace and style. Way to go guys!

Garret in the BMX class ran away from the competition with tricks like 360 truckdrivers, barspins with an xup, huge flattys and supermans, no handers etc. It was a lot of fun to watch.

You can see pictures from the event posted at


We got three camera angles on it and lots of video footage, as soon as it gets combed through we will post the teasers.