Bending glass


Turbo Monkey
Jun 20, 2005
San Francisco
Any of you do any glass work? I'm trying to make some folds and bends in glass, but every time I heat it up it just ends up cracking.

I'm using a MAPP gas torch. What's the key to doing this? I found some hot glue sticks a little later on when I was bored and melted them with the torch. I set the glue sticks on top of one of the broken pieces of glass and the piece stuck together and I was able to get it hot enough to bend, but it was just a small scrap and it's now covered in glue... so, without the glue, is there a certain way that I need to go about heating this up?


ass grabber
Sep 8, 2006
Central Florida
Heating and bending glass is pretty simple but you need a 3-4 hour gradual cool down or it will crack. It is possible to pack a just bent piece in hot sand for the cool down.