Benefits of going to 24 from 26


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I own a SC Jackal with 26" Hope/Mag 30's and was wondering if there would be a real benefit by going to 24's on it? I used to ride 20 a bit and found it to be a bit rough unless it was street or a perfectly sculpted jumps. I'm loving my jackal, but I'm intrested if 24's will make it a bit more lively in the air and more apt to manual (it's pretty good now, but you always wonder if it could be better). Also I was wondering if the frame will have any negative reactions to 24's being that it was designed for 26's. I have a 80mm Sherman on it right now and am running SS with a 35mm stem and a 2.5" riser bar. Thanks.


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Jan 9, 2004
It'll be a bit easier to throw around basically, and the wheels will most likely be slightly lighter and slightly stronger. There is a small effect in terms of rolling over rough terrain, but if you're riding jumps and street in most cases it's going to be all good, and still way smoother than a 20". As for manuals, I don't think it makes much difference. If you're runing your forks at 80mm already, I'd say go for it.
I went thru the same debate w/ my .243. as stated, 24's will be a bit more lively and flickable, per say, and it might be a bit easier to manual. I would, if budget permits, look into a regular 20." true it is "harsher", but in all honesty, ya get used to it pretty quickly, plus you end up riding much smoother overall, and it also opens up the doors to ALOT of new tricks etc.. maybe see if you can borrow someones for awile to get a better feel, personally i thought i would never go back to 20's, but ended up with a DK from a buddy and the .243 hasnt seen the skatepark in months.


Jun 4, 2004
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I have spent alot of time riding identical bikes with 24 Vs 26 inch wheels and they both have there pros and cons

24 inch wheels are lighter and more "flickable" like they said it is easier to do toss the bike around. you will be able to get it up into manuals or back wheels tricks easier but it is harder to balance out.

26 inch wheels give you a solid balance platfourm when you manual. you have to sway back more but i think that if you know how to ride 26 inch wheels give you alot cleaner riding style.

it really comes down to persional prefrence, ride your friends bikes if they have 24 and see if you like it.


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Still trying to decide. Tempted to get a Tonic Fall guy designed for 24's.. Hey DH-DZ where are you from? I grew up near Bethel Maine and will be heading back to South Paris in 3 months once I am out of the military. I'll be looking for people to dh and ride street/jumps with...


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Aug 25, 2003
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One thing no one has mentioned is that 24" wheels are easier to pump and are faster on small/tight transitions. The smaller diameter follows tight curves better. It's subtle but it does make a little bit of a difference.