best 24"/26" VIDEOS thread

Cru Jones

Turbo Monkey
Sep 2, 2006
Hell Track
okay cool.... but that thread's not exclusive to 24"/26". (not that it matters).
Yeah, it shouldn't matter, that's why I posted that. If it's rad, it belongs in the next level, no matter the wheel size. I just don't like seeing the separation or distinguishment between the two. Street/Park/DJ riding on big wheels needs to be held to bmx standards for it to gain any respect.

But, no worries. If people want a dedicated thread to big wheel vids, that's cool with me. It would be easier to find them here than scanning through the next level.


Oct 29, 2001
southern wisconsin
I'm going to agree with CMC. Sometimes I just want to see some real talent on big wheels. I already know I'll be blown away by most of the new stuff that is out for 20", but its nice to see quality 24"/26" and not some dude dropping off a 2ft retaining wall in front of his apartment. Just saying...