Best Job in the Industry?


Jul 2, 2015
Whether you're in or outside of the bike industry, what do you imagine to be the best gig around? How about the toughest?

Seems to me that Matt Hunter has it pretty dialed, though I don't doubt that working for Speci has some downsides...



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Sep 16, 2008
Ottawa, Canada
when I saw the thread title I thought hands down, "brand ambassador" has to be the best gig. No contests, no deadlines, all you have to do is show up and ride in amazing locales all over the world. when you're Matt Hunter, you're not even doing the filming/editing/storyboarding etc... just go and ride and live the life.

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Jul 2, 2002
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Yeah yeah yeah we alllllllllllllll know you are awesome and don't work anymore and give away cool stuff. Sooooo coooollllll. :clapping:
:secret: actually it is cool and I'm really jealous, but you are far too old to be able to read this small print. Buahahahahaa!!
I guess you could say that the joke is "getting old". But, "old" is relative. REEEEAAAAAAALY relative in this case.



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Sep 21, 2001
only if i could cut the tongue out of anyones mouth who says bro/brah/shred/gnar/shimz.....


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Feb 17, 2002
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I had a job at a shop with a huge race team. It was pretty fun times. I would do it again. I was a pretty good wrench at one time....
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Dec 3, 2009
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my job is not in the "industry." but i am valuable enough and it is flexible enough that if i've got no meetings on the calendar i can take "fuckit fridays," "wilson creek wednesdays," "two wheel thursdays," etc at my discretion.

oh wait. i might be that "shitheel" from the other thread. :D


Tool Time!
Feb 17, 2002
Nowhere Man!
In exchange for making Pizzas and illegally importing clams and bituminous coal into Canada. I get access to a private riding spot and a plush Hotel room in London. I get to go the St Lawrence market and buy a boat load load of food on someone elses dime. 33 bottles of Niagara Wine and brandy. Other stuff too...


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Jun 4, 2006
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When I'm too old and my hands no longer work well enough to continue my craft, I'll go to work at Walmart as a greeter. The most sarcastic, perverted, insulting, yet smiling old fucker they ever hired.

"Welcome to Walmart, are you looking for the dental care aisle or the Sudafed ?"

"Welcome to Walmart, you look like you could use a wolf howling at the moon t-shirt to go with that new mullet, may'um."

"Welcome to Walmart miss, we don't allow pregnant women, that means you can't smoke in here."

"Welcome to Walmart, wow there, let me get you a scooter, you might accidentally get some exercise and we wouldn't want that now would we fatty ?"

"Welcome to Walmart, thanks for shopping here, you've helped outsource my job."

"Welcome to Walmart, pull you pants up before you trip and need fake front teeth for real."

"Welcome to Walmart, eat shit dumbass, I'm on break."