Best mud over hardpack/rooty terrain tire?


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Hi guys, here goes another "best tire" thread. We're currently entering what looks like another rainy winter down here.

The trails I ride mainly consist mainly of hardpack topped with a fine layer of slippery mud. Add as many roots as you can think, a few scattered sticky mud areas and you have a pretty decent picture of them. Occasionally I'd go for a two or three-day excursion to a more rocky, downhill-oriented location, but mud would still be present.

I was running a set of folding Maxxis Ignitors 2.35" until last year, and they held the type pretty decently, but I'm tired of getting washed out on rooty switchbacks and flat turns because of their hard compound. Have seen a couple of good reviews of the Maxxis ADvantages on similar conditions, but I was wondering if anyone has a better tire to recommend me.

I'd also like them to be light, since most of my rides involve a decent amount of pedaling, both uphill and in flat ground.
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Nov 10, 2005
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i've been happy with swamp things.

edit: oh wait, you said climbing. i've been running advantages for a good while on my trail bike. i think they're a fantastic all around tire, although i have limited mud riding experience with them.
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Nov 24, 2004
High Rollers 1ply or Muddy Marys although those are quite big but not as heavy as they seem..my winter combo is either High Rollers or Muddy Mary in the front and Hans Dampd in the back
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Apr 21, 2002
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I ran Dirty Dan FR Vertstars front and rear over the winter on my AM bike and they were AMAZING descending. Climbing sucked, but it was do-able. I tried running a Muddy Mary in back but hated the decrease in traction compared to the Dirty Dan on the descents so I just sucked it up on the climbs.